AgoraCC is an attempt to create a network of networks dedicated to improve continuous communication between spreaded socioambiental movements through the world. Today, activism loose power due to the fact that it's aims are divided in millions of medium-small initiatives that are not acting in a coordinated way. At the same time, this same multitude of initiatives are also their stronges characteristic, since actions are distributed and cannot be managed or destructed by an attack to a center, that doesn't exist.

We want to leverage a "space-artifact", a platform and network that keep the singularity of each individual, collective and organization but, at the same time, congregate in synchronous and asynchronous ways all this networks, movements and initiatives, helping them to converge, talk, plan and act together toward a Common wealth.

We want to achieve this by the means of a federated social web, using technologies already developed and hacking them according our needs.

To install software, follow the instructions:

AgoraCC means "the Collective Conscience Creating the Commons through an contemporary Agora". See below some graphics that resume some aspects we should discuss to co-create a "Bases of Unity" of our network: